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  • 1117 Perimeter Center West Suite W212, Atlanta, GA 30338
  • 1030 Riverwalk Parkway, Suite 104, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Specialty Tax Services

Specialty Tax Services

Preparation of Tax Returns

While most CPA firms prepare and file tax returns, we are not typical. We are not a high volume production tax practice whose goal is to file as many tax returns as possible. For our typical client, we will file multiple entity returns along with the owner’s individual tax return. Since we often maintain their financial records as well, we understand how to report in order to minimize the taxpayer’s taxable liability.

We specialize in preparing real estate related tax returns throughout the year, however, we are not historians.  Throughout the year we advise our clients on issues related to real estate investments, real estate professional elections, buying/selling, cancellation of debt, and section 1031 exchanges.

In addition to real estate professionals, we also provide tax preparation services for manufacturers, distributors, service organizations, professional service providers and a whole host of other types of businesses and business owners

We prepare state income tax returns for all 50 states and federal tax returns for C corporations, S corporations, partnerships, estates, trusts, not for profits, LLCs and individuals. We have clients in over 30 states.

“A tax return should not reflect a tax liability that is the culmination of a year’s worth of transactions, but transactions that have occurred as the result of good financial and tax planning.  We do not only measure success by the taxes saved by our client, but also by measuring the wealth that has accumulated for our client since filing their last tax return.”randy-sig

Tax Planning and Other Services

We often meet with our clients to discuss alternative legal operating structures, tax plans, business owner compensation and draws, deferred compensation, retirement plans, estimated tax calculations and many other issues related to future tax liabilities. While some advice is included as part of the tax return preparation services, often clients want to discuss these issues related to current or future transactions. A separate meeting is normally held to host these discussions.  Click the button below to get a head start on this process.