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About Attaway Linville

About Attaway Linville

attaway-linville-teamOld Meets New

Attaway Linville is not old CPAs in an old building doing things the old way. We have combined CPA experience with proactive bookkeeping with legal expertise to offer our clients full-service financial support. Based in a historical setting, we are doing things a new way.

We don’t fit the mold. And we don’t expect you to either. We know that finances are rarely neat and tidy. We can handle your complex IRS problems, or your messy stacks of receipts, or your many-pronged business decision. And yeah, we can do your taxes.

How We Are Different

“Just send me all your tax stuff…”

The typical CPA just wants you to come in with your documents in advance of tax time, fill out forms, and pay them when they send those files off. But we aren’t your typical CPA firm.  We have a diversity of experiences and resources that we can bring to bear on a myriad of financial questions, goals, or challenges.

“We don’t take on every client that comes our way, but only those we believe we can help.”  

“An accountant and a lawyer walk into a bar..”

The typical CPA firm hates lawyers and makes you incur double fees when a challenge requires that you work with both. But we aren’t your typical CPA firm. We have a lawyer on staff, so that when those situations arise where legal action is necessary or preferred, you benefit from the shared resources and knowledge of a CPA and a lawyer being under the same roof. While it may make for good jokes, the reality is that our clients get the last laugh when they have the expertise of an accountant combined with the power of a lawyer on their side.

An accountant shouldn’t be like a dentist.

You should get more than just twice a year checkups. We build ongoing relationships with our clients. If needed, we can help you proactively prepare you for better tax outcomes through our bookkeeping services or be available for a question before a big purchase or acquisition, or function as your company’s CFO, audit a merger, plan for estate settlement,  or even navigate divorce settlements.

“Our greatest compliment is when a client refers to us as their partners as they work through financial problems, prepare their taxes, or plan for the future.”  randy-sig