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Roll Over Business Start-Up

Roll Over Business Start-Up

ROBS Support For Business Owners: ROBS Set-Up, Ongoing Compliance and Exit

The ROBS 401K small business financing transaction has become a very popular tool among entrepreneurs and business owners seeking financing for new or existing businesses over the last decade. Many business owners have been using their 401(k), IRA or other retirement funds to acquire existing businesses (including franchises) or to start-up new businesses. This financing arrangement is called a ROBS (an acronym used to abbreviate “Roll Over Business Start-up”). Such an arrangement is complex because it involves regulations from both the Department of Labor as well as the IRS. Unfortunately for some business owners using a ROBS, inexperienced or unreliable ROBS advisors and support can lead to increased confusion and risks related to missing critical compliance deadlines.

Attaway Linville: A National Reputation For ROBS Expertise

Attaway Linville has gained a national reputation for supporting business owners and can provide ROBS expertise in all phases of ROBS business development: start-up, ongoing compliance and exiting a ROBS entity. While our expertise includes all phases of ROBS support, not all financial/tax/legal advisors have the experience needed to effectively guide business owners as they seek to implement, or even exit, a ROBS transaction. With our ROBS experience and relationships with legal counsel specializing in this work, Attaway Linville is able to steer our clients through the complex waters of compliance (including 5500 compliance and identifying prohibitive transactions) and mitigate the risks and fees related to the late submission of compliance information.

Full Suite of ROBS Support for Business Owners

Attaway Linville has provided accounting, payroll, tax, compliance and valuation services for nearly 200 such companies nationally. While many CPAs can provide many of the same services, there are very few dedicated experts who have the experience and understanding of the pitfalls, and the consequences, of being “out of compliance.” Attaway Linville continues to receive new and existing client referrals from large service providers and other attorneys across the nation, as we not only provide solid business advice, but we can also “get in the weeds” and resolve ROBS compliance problems. With Attaway Linville, business owners and other advisors benefit from proactive business advice and hands-on guidance.

Need ROBS Support? Want to Learn More?

Are you looking to set-up, manage ongoing compliance or exit a ROBS transaction? Not happy with your current advisors? Interested to learn more about using the ROBS 401K small business financing transaction to finance your new or existing business? Call the ROBS experts at Attaway Linville today!

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After using my 401K to finance the purchase of my business, I had little time to focus on ROBS compliance. Restructuring and growing my business became my priorities. So I reached out to Attaway Linville to help ensure that my compliance was consistent and on track. I worked closely with Alexis who proactively handled all aspects of my ROBS compliance. Any concerns I had about legal details or meeting important compliance deadlines were allayed. Alexis’s expertise and professional handling of my ROBS compliance allowed me to focus on what was truly important: growing my business.

B.G. Atlanta, GA

When I made the decision to exit my ROBS, I had many questions about the process and the financial implications. I didn’t know where to start. Working with Attaway Linville was a breath of fresh air! They know how to work with entrepreneurs and they expertly guided me through a somewhat complicated process. I worked with Alexis who was able to “bridge” the accounting and legal aspects to ensure that the exit was orderly and done correctly. I am grateful for the patience, attention to detail and professionalism displayed by the Attaway Linville team and I would recommend them to anyone seeking ROBS advice and support.

Client, Southeast USA