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IRS Representation

How can we help you?

We understand that good people have tax problems. These problems are often the result of circumstances beyond anyone’s control. Changes in the economy, health and relationships are just a few circumstantial changes that can prevent a taxpayer from paying, and sometimes even filing, their taxes. When the IRS, state or county taxing authorities get involved, the situation can quickly go from bad to worse.

At Attaway Linville, we understand people in these situations need help. They usually do not need an expensive attorney, but instead an experienced CPA who knows how taxing agencies work. For the past ten years, Attaway Linville has helped many clients satisfy the IRS by taking care of the taxpayer’s filing requirements and negotiating a reduction in their taxable liability. And if an attorney is required, we have those too.

For individuals, Attaway Linville has provided needed support by:

  • Filing delinquent income tax returns
  • Amending previously filed returns to reduce taxes and penalties
  • Petitioning for innocent spouse relief
  • Lifting of wage garnishments and or levies
  • Obtaining “currently not collectible” status
  • Negotiating installment agreements
  • Presenting offers in compromise
  • Appealing IRS decisions and petitioning the US Tax Court

For businesses, Attaway Linville has provided needed support by:

  • Preparing and filing delinquent corporate tax returns and payroll tax returns
  • Amending previously filed returns to reduce taxes and penalties
  • Negotiating penalty abatements
  • Negotiating installment agreements based on income levels

Unlike other firms, Attaway Linville will not make claims that we can settle your case for pennies on the dollar as many advertise. While we can make the same claims, we know that each case is unique and requires a customized approach. We do not want to build up false hope, but instead honestly and accurately explain the best options and their risks. Many of our clients have come to us for help when they have been burned by other firms making such claims.

Want to learn more about our IRS representation services? Do you owe the IRS more than $10,000? Do you have unfiled tax returns? Do you have inconsistent income that leads to tax liabilities and cash flow problems? Please contact us today at 803-831-0263 or 404-607-8400 or complete the form on this page for more information. After an initial consultation to discuss your situation, if we believe we can help you, we will walk you through the next steps to resolve your IRS situation.

We don’t tell our clients what they want to hear, but what they need to hear. We will not make false promises that give false hope. We believe our clients deserve to know the truth.

Laurie Attaway