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On January 15, 2014 posted in IRS Information, IRS Representation Blog


“What can I settle for?”

This is usually the first question but it’s not the most important question. Reality is that only a certain percentage of people will qualify for an “offer in compromise” settlement. The process is timely and should only be undertaken when it is the best path. Our attorney works to make offers in compromise only when convinced that the likelihood of acceptance is extremely high. We don’t want to take your money just to go through a process that will not be successful. Typical acceptance rate of offers in compromise is 1 in 3. Our attorneys have a 9 in 10 success rate because they differentiate wisely based on law and experience and only make the recommendation when it is the best and most appropriate solution.

Late night commercials make you think that offers in compromise will allow you to get out of your debt, but they are certainly not a reliable source for information concerning your relationship with the IRS.

You are ashamed and embarrased. You’ve been given continual reminders and you’ve put it off. You don’t want others to know about your situation. This is understandable but don’t forget that good people sometimes have tax problems too.  It’s time to talk about it before it turns into a crisis.

We offer a $500 investigation fee to discover your problems, write a plan of attack, and make you aware of your options with certainty. Choosing your solution will involve more expense but it will be based on your situation and you will know in advance what kind of expense you are accepting.

If someone is trying to frighten you in order to get your business, stay away. You need representation in dealing with the IRS, but you need professionals who will be on your side and help you obtain the best outcome.  Our goal is to help you identify and face your obligations.