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Our Firm

Attaway Linville is not your typical CPA firm. The staff of most CPA firms has worked exclusively in public accounting and lacks the hands on experience that helps them relate to the day to day challenges facing business owners.

Our partners began their careers in private industry, working for companies ranging in size from single owner start-ups to large publicly traded corporations and large financial institutions. They have been business owners  and real estate investors. Since they have been in the trenches, they know firsthand how to support business owners and investors.

Specialty Tax Services

Laurie Attaway

laurieLaurie has been a real estate investor for more than 20 years.  She has purchased, rehabbed, managed, rented, and or sold single family homes, multi family structures, commercial properties and even trailers and trailer parks.  Laurie was frustrated with the CPA assistance that was out there for her and her partners.  So in the late 1990’s she became a CPA, retired from corporate America and began providing Entrepreneurial Services to Real Estate players.  In addition to being a CPA, Laurie has two business degrees from Mercer University and a Masters in Taxation from Georgia State University.