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  • 1117 Perimeter Center West Suite W212, Atlanta, GA 30338
  • 1030 Riverwalk Parkway, Suite 104, Rock Hill, SC 29730

Business Done Right

Business Done Right

Business Done Right means doing business smarter.

Setup a financial reporting and support system that allows you the freedom to do what you do best – run your business and take care of your customers.
Manage the back office tasks, compliance reporting, and professional support you need to meet your business and financial goals.
Establish monthly billing rates when possible and move away from a billable hour, project-by-project approach to accounting.

Not Your Typical CPA

Our technology, flexibility, and client-first attitude allows us to take a different approach from the typical CPA firm.   We want to have relationships with our clients so we can know and understand what is important to them in order to help them meet their personal and professional goals.  As an active financial partner on your team, we allow  your company the access to our accounting and financial expertise when it is needed.

At Attaway Linville, we prefer to call the services we offer Entrepreneurial Services:
  • We don’t just provide bookkeeping, accounting and tax services. We actually use this information to coach our clients, help them develop strategies for efficiently taking their products and services to the market, and then to plan for uncertainties. Most CPAs give you a tax return or a report, and that is all.
  • By the use of technology, we are able to support clients in all fifty states. Some clients we meet with monthly, some quarterly, and others we’ve never met. And when we do meet with them, it is usually where they want to meet.  We want you to know that the success of your business is as important to us as it is to you.
  • We are not afraid of complex business arrangements such as Roll Over Business Start-Ups or multiple entity structures.
  • Our goal is to maintain enough flexibility in our schedules to accommodate yours. We understand that operating a business can be unpredictable, so we strive to be flexible as well. We don’t just fit you into our schedule or “check a box” so we can move you into the completed file.

 Not Your Typical Billing

We do not want our clients to be surprised when they receive our invoice, nor do we want them to be afraid to call us for fear of running up a large bill. To encourage our clients to call us when they need us, we offer standard monthly billing rates that cover all of our services.  This way our clients can plan their spending and still receive the support they need.



“We want to take the uncertainty out of the financial management of your business. Let us help you focus on taking care of your customers by handling everything else.”