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Exciting Changes Coming October 24th to our Client Portal

On October 5, 2012 posted in Business Done Right Blog, Company News and Updates

Exciting Changes Coming October 24th to our Client Portal

Among the enhancements you can look forward to in this release:

  • We’ve updated the navigation to require fewer clicks to access documents, giving you a more user-friendly experience. For instance, with a multiple-entity tax return, you no longer have to look in a different section of the portal for each entity-you simply select the entity you want from a list on the side of your screen.
  • We’ve simplified document organization.  Your information will be available through “Documents,” eliminating the need for anyone to look in multiple areas of the portal. You’ll be able to change the names of folders and the folder structure in Documents.  It has been difficult to find a univeral setting for everyone.  We are happy to give you the ability to customize your portal to best suit your needs.
  • Through the new messaging center, we will be able to send updates that require your attention. You will see the messaging center as soon as you log in to your portal. An alert notification (similar to social media alerts) will allow you to link directly to the associated task.

Look for more information about the October release soon!  Check out the 4 minute video here!